Damage Mitigation

When your property suffers from any type of damage, it is important to mitigate as much as we possibly to prevent any secondary damage occurring. This is important as it gives us the opportunity to save precious contents as well as minimise further disruption.

How can we mitigate a water damaged property? Initially our contractors would Triage both the contents and the building to look at what they feel they can save and remove as much of the damaged material as possible to prevent cross contamination This could include carpets/ rugs etc. It is also important to decontaminate and disenfect affected surfaces as soon as possible in order to control the potential spread of air borne and surface contaminates

They may mean the need to install some drying equipment to reduce the moisture content and to help stop the secondary damage from mould/ corrosion from forming. There may be a need to ventilate the building either by simply opening windows or with the installation of air cleaning devices. No matter the need we will work to make your property as safe as we can so that you and others are able to expedite your claim as quickly as possible.

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