Swab Sampling and Testing

The components of fire debris are complex and their nature depends on the type of materials involved in the fire, the combustion conditions, and the presence of fuels/accelerants. In general, the common by-products of fires can be classified in three categories: char, ash, and soot.

After the presence of Fire and smoke air quality testing and swab sampling is often essential to determine the levels of contamination . Smoke often leaves complex particulates and chemical residues on surfaces after a fire. As a result this can have a significant effect on health and often leave a lingering odour. Hundreds of products are created during combustion. Modern furnishings and building materials, even insulation contains toxic properties.  These cancer causing or carcinogenic chemicals become airborne during a fire and bind with the smoke particles. Soot, char, and ash that make up the particulate portion of these products are the most noticeable and they are responsible for the visual staining so characteristic of fire which everyone sees. However, there are hundreds of chemical compounds released as well that are not seen. Some dissipate quickly and are not a long-term contamination concern; other chemicals however can linger for weeks, months, or even years, causing chronic problems to health and materials.

Response offers a service for the testing of the presence of toxic chemicals generated by fire and smoke damage by swabbing and chemical laboratory analysis. We also offer laser particle scanning to instantly measure levels of damaging airborne debris in real time both pre and post remediation works.

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