Mould Remediation

It is important to remember that not all mould is visible and therefore the spore count could be severely higher than anticipated. As a result, a small patch of mould throughout a home can often get ignored when it should be treated ideally as soon as possible.

Microbial remediation programmes to remove mould are based on objective sampling and investigation designed specifically to individual requirements. Once the primary cause of mould has been rectified, our mould removal techniques use the latest technology in mould remediation resulting in the best level of treatment to the mould infected surfaces.

One of the most effective pieces of equipment that is in our arsenal is the use of HEPA filter air purifiers. These air filters trap these tiny mould spores when trying to pass through thus eliminating mould from your home. Coupled with chemical and Ultra Violet treatments this is often enough to eliminate most of your mould issues.

Mould is commonly underestimated when it comes to health risks. Many people are unaware that mould growth, caused from a build up of microbial fungi, can cause severe damage to the respiratory systems of the human body.

What are the requirements of mould? We refer to SLOTTH:

  • Still air

  • Lack of light

  • Oxygen

  • Time to grow

  • Temperature to be correct

  • Humidity to be elevated

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